Junqueras sale de la cárcel en forma de holograma para hablar de la independencia de Cataluña

"Ets un imbècil, eh!"
en #020 vemos un claro ejemplo de lo documentado en el libro clásico de Robert Cialdini sobre persuasión, en un caso parecido.

Cambia a "my logical friend" por Borrell (como desnudó al catalafachismo, madre mía) y el TM por independentismo, y es lo mismito :-)

"Still thinking that the three must have signed up because they hadn’t understood the points made by my logician friend, I began to question them about aspects of his argument. To my surprise, I found that they had understood his comments quite well; in fact, all too well. It was
precisely the cogency of his argument that drove them to sign up for the program on the spot. The spokesman put it best: “Well, I wasn’t going to put down any money tonight because I’m really quite broke right now; I was going to wait until the next meeting. But when your buddy started talking, I knew I’d better give them my money now, or I’d go home and start thinking about what he said and never sign up.”

All at once, things began to make sense. These were people with real problems; and they were somewhat desperately searching for a way to solve those problems. They were seekers who, if our discussion leaders
were to be believed, had found a potential solution in TM. Driven by their needs, they very much wanted to believe that TM was their answer.
Now, in the form of my colleague, intrudes the voice of reason, showing the theory underlying their newfound solution to be unsound.
Panic! Something must be done at once before logic takes its toll and leaves them without hope again. Quickly, quickly, walls against reason are needed; and it doesn’t matter that the fortress to be erected is a foolish one. “Quick, a hiding place from thought! Here, take this money.
Whew, safe in the nick of time. No need to think about the issues any longer. The decision has been made, and from now on the consistency tape can be played whenever necessary: ‘TM? Certainly I think it will help me; certainly I expect to continue; certainly I believe in TM. I
already put my money down for it, didn’t I?’ Ah, the comforts of mindless consistency. I’ll just rest right here for a while. It’s so much nicer than the worry and strain of that hard, hard search."
Lo que tu quieras, pero ya nos veremos por El Prat.
Para responder a una cita no hace falta meter esa mierda infumable.
#032 no era para ti, sino para los que nos leen. Doy por hecho que tú inglés poco, y que taches clásicos de "mierda infumable" deja claro lo fácil que lo tuvo contigo el Plan Catalunya 2000 :-)

Y no hace falta que pongas el 0 delante al citarme, hombre. Yo jamás te he puesto en el ignore. Me perdería grandes momentos de humor :troll:
Das por hecho demasiadas cosas y eso se deja notar.
Las falacias ad hominem mejor déjalas en casa. Lo mismo pasa con la falacia de autoridad y la de hombre de paja.

#034 te las acaban de enseñar en el cole? :->

La manera más cutre del día de decir que algo no es un clásico y así justificar la ignorancia: decir que es falacia de autoridad xD

Aparte de que para que haya un ad hominem debería haber algún argumento en tus mensajes, que no los hay de momento en tus mensajes del hilo.

Se te siguen notando las carencias. Nota: necesita mejorar.